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updates on the progress of the album


me & my favorite brother

A couple of weeks ago at a nearby coffee shop we celebrated the release of Midnight Bloom.  Weeks prior to the project wrapping up as well as on the night of the release party people kept suggesting to me how they imagined I’d be feeling.  They speculated that I probably felt overjoyed, as something I’d dreamed of my whole life (or that they assumed I’d dreamed of my whole life) had finally become a reality.  Others raved about how cool it must have felt to have everyone there for me, supporting me, and having the spotlight and so much attention on me.  I wish I could draw you a facial expression to show how I reacted internally to those speculations.  No word captures it.  I was thrown off.  Continue reading



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Midnight Bloom

Holy cow.  We’re gonna start tracking my songs at the end of this month!  So nuts.  I think it’ll be a 5 song EP, so a mini CD.  Good enough to get my feet wet, I think…and just about all I can handle time-wise right now!

So here’s a little taste of what it’s about… Continue reading


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