About Me

When I was younger I wanted to be an artist, a psychologist, or an optometrist.  Now that I’m older, I hope to, in some form, do all of those things combined— with music that inspires, that ministers healing, and that helps others see more clearly and better engage with the world around them, with God, and with themselves.

I graduated from the University of California, San Diego in 2005 with a degree in Human Development and a minor in Music.  I’m fascinated by human psychology and how we are shaped by our interactions with our surroundings.

I currently serve on staff with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in San Diego, focusing on developing worship ministries that lead people into God’s presence and therefore transform people’s lives.  On the weekends, I lead worship at Coast Vineyard in La Jolla, CA.

If I could have one talent that I do not currently have, it would be some form of visual art.  Probably the ability to draw or take amazing photographs…but I’ll even settle for decent photographs at this point.  So many times I find myself longing to be able to visually capture something’s beauty and totally unable to do it.  Blah!

If you spend even a short amount of time with me, you’ll notice that I’m almost always up for chocolate, ice cream, boba, or am craving some fruit.  You might also notice that I prefer to engage in conversation with kids over adults because I just think kids are more interesting–no offense.  🙂  I also usually find listening to Sara Bareilles, Brooke Fraser, or Justin Timberlake to be a good idea.

I can eat a 16 oz. prime rib and not even blink an eye, and it’s something I actually do liketo brag about.  And my husband Benson can do the same.


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