Behind the Scenes of the Urbana 12 Worship Experience

After participating in my fourth Urbana, I have to say that Urbana 12 was my absolute favorite.  There are many reasons why, but besides the program itself being AMAZING, the year leading up to Urbana 12 was absolutely phenomenal.

Imagephoto via Matt Stauffer

One of my biggest regrets after being on the Urbana 09 Worship Team was that I didn’t adequately capture the experiences that we had on the team.  The year leading up to Urbana 09 was rich with discussions on multiethnic worship, character-building, and God digging out the junk in our hearts as we prepared to be in front of 16,000 people and not let our egos get the best of us.

As I headed into the year-long preparation with the Urbana 12 Worship Team I aimed to remedy that.  In 2009 I regretted not having our discussions and what we were learning available as a resource for my students and for all of the students who were hungry for more after Urbana, so I tried to capture some of the behind-the-scenes moments on video.  Whether intriguing discussions on worship or the goofiness that was our team, I want to give you all a peek into our year leading up to Urbana 12 and share some of the nuggets that God taught us.  And as part of that, I’m also committing to blogging regularly over the next month or so about the experience.  (…also in hopes that I will blog a little more since my last blog was January 2012!  haha)

We learned so much that I didn’t know how to organize it all, but I narrowed it down to a rotation of three categories:

  1. Reflections of an event that happened each day at Urbana 12
  2. The story behind particular songs we played at Urbana 12 (let me know if there are particular songs you’re curious about)
  3. Other miscellaneous things regarding team dynamics, being on a stage in front of 16,000, questions students had, etc.  (If you’ve got things you want to hear about, let me know this too.)

I hope you enjoy the journey with us!



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3 responses to “Behind the Scenes of the Urbana 12 Worship Experience

  1. good seeing your blog alive again… looking forward to reading about your journeys.

  2. An Urbana-ite from Urbana

    Hi Audrey! I looked you up after Urbana, hope you don’t mind?
    I loved the sets you lead, and I am looking forward to more of your sharing on Urbana.

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