Midnight Bloom

Holy cow.  We’re gonna start tracking my songs at the end of this month!  So nuts.  I think it’ll be a 5 song EP, so a mini CD.  Good enough to get my feet wet, I think…and just about all I can handle time-wise right now!

So here’s a little taste of what it’s about…

The songs mostly tell stories of me wrestling with God as I fight to hold onto faith, hope, and love while trying to make sense of the already-but-not-yet world we live in.

In some form or another, they’re rooted in all of the questions that have come up for me as I’ve waited to see God’s Kingdom break into my family.  Some of them directly, others indirectly, but still rooted in the same struggle I just mentioned–the tension of God’s Kingdom being already here but not yet fully present–and what that means to us as we wait on the Lord.

A few years ago my friend Katie gave me a shawl that she got from Africa which Heidi Baker and crew used to pray for broken families.  Katie thought it appropriate to get one for me as I continued to pray for wholeness in my family.

The shawl she got for me had various shades of green that transcended from lighter shades to darker ones.  In the darkest shade there were flowers in full bloom, and Katie felt the Lord tell her to call it “Midnight Bloom” since it was out of the darkest places that the flowers grew, bloomed, and blossomed.  It was encouragement to me for my family that even in the midnight when things seem dark, lonely, and hopeless the Lord can and will grow something beautiful out of it.

So I’m calling the project “Midnight Bloom” because these songs come out of a lot of questioning and dark places, and through them I’m fighting to hold on until I can see the beauty that comes from it all.



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4 responses to “Midnight Bloom

  1. nancy

    i love the title.

  2. awj

    ditto nancy. the story behind it is even more beautiful. 🙂

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